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Saturday, December 25th, 2004

Time:10:24 am.
Mood: excited.
Silently the senses abandon their defences....

OMG, this CD pwns. It's, like, the whole movie on CD. <3<3<3<3<3


Tommy Hilfiger jumper
Tommy Hilfiger watch (HI I'M BRÍD. Seriously though, it's gorgeous)
Red dressing gown, pyjamas & slippers
Phantom of the Opera soundtrack <3<3<3<3<3
Discworld calendar
The Art of Discworld
The Discworld Almanak
Good Omens
Something Rotten
FCUK Let's Party set
Me To You bear in pink jacket
Lulu Guinness socks
Flower notecards
Cute notebook
Lancome Disco Shine Juicy Bar set
Chocolate santa lolly
Xmas Tree decoration with Jenny on it
Aqua blue beaded bracelet

Sugarcult- Palm Trees & Power Lines CD
Pucca bath tin (with body lotion, body wash, body scrub, bath bomb & bath confetti)
Shimmer cream
Pink butterfly brooch

Uncle Tommy (godfather) & Auntie Annette: €50
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Monday, June 14th, 2004

Time:1:16 am.
Mood: pleased.
stuffCollapse )
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Sunday, June 13th, 2004

Time:4:33 am.
Mood: peaceful.
I'm back!

My holiday was fun! The weather was really warm & I got some nice stuff ^^ Cathy was really pissing me off by the end of it though. Oh, & I read a LOT. I finished Rebecca (which really, really pwns) before I even left Ireland, I read The Science of Discworld (which I thought would be boring in the science parts, but actually wasn't at all), The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (really good) & Lord of the Flies (alright, I guess). One place we went to was this nifty pearl factory. You got to pick an oyster out of a tank, then they'd open it & you'd get the pearl, & you could have it set in a necklace or something. It was deadly. Everyone kept telling us that we're sisters. We don't even look alike. >_<

When I came home Mum had bought tons of stuff for my room! I got a new shade for the light, a beside lamp to match, a blanket & cushions to match my bed linen & tons of storage boxes. She got me magazines & a Terry's chocolate ornage too (yum).

Ireland lost to South Africa. ;_; At least we didn't get totally hammered though *coughenglandcough*

I'm glad to be home ^^
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Friday, June 4th, 2004

Time:10:14 am.
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Thursday, June 3rd, 2004

Subject:Summer hols!!
Time:11:36 am.
Today was a nice day. History was grand, & I found out I got 98% in my maths test ^^ Home Ec was so short! I think I did okay in that too. At lunch time we had a water fight & my hair got really wet >< And then we hear that Ms. Bracken wants to take a picture of the people who were in the play X_X So in the photo we all look a total disgrace XDD CSPE was okay too. Our bus was really late because Caitriona told Damien to come later (Go Caitriona!! XD) & so we were nearly the last to go home. Mrs. Murphy told me my Geography result- I got 100% o.o I don't know how, but w00t!!! Then we all went home on our bus, & had fun at Sinéad's house. I'm a bit tired now. I'm totally going to miss so many people during the summer.
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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004

Subject:R&B is okay
Time:8:59 am.
Mood: crushed.
Today didn't start very well. I thought it was going to be a really bad day, then it wasn't really, I suppose. Well, okay. It was, -ish. I got a crappy English result. I know everyone is trying to make me feel better by saying it's not a bad result, but to me it's bad, & no one will just understand that. Ms. Bracken goes, "I thought you'd do better." & I was like "No..." & she said "Did you know?" & I was like "No. Just tell me what I got." & she told me. Yeah. TONS of people did better than me. Bye bye prize.

Mary thinks she's really smart all of a sudden. Becca said she was talking about her English result & saying she thought she would have done better. Good thing I wasn't there, I'd probably have punched her. Okay, no I wouldn't have. But I'd have really really wanted to. Before she was actually okay, but now she's gotten a very high opinion of herself. She thinks she's the best out of her group, I think, but Roisín is much smarter (& nicer too, actually).

Geography was grand. Mrs. Murphy made tons of mistakes on the paper. Sinéad & I would reach the same part, then we'd look at each other & be like "....><"

Then at break STACEY HAD NO ORANGE SMARTIES IN HER GIANT SMARTIES BAG. I knew it was going to be a bad day then. I said as much. I said to Becca & Marie "Oh yay. It's a bad day. I bet I didn't do very well in science either." Then we were talking to Mr. Daly & he said I got something in the 90s so, well, at least I got a good mark in one test.

Irish was alright too. The comprehension was evil, but it's not like anyone expected it to be anything else. French was okay, but very long. The comprehensions were very hard too, much more difficult than we'd ever done in class. I think I did alright though.

I hope we get the results to more of our tests tomorrow. I really want my Maths result.
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Tuesday, June 1st, 2004

Time:9:18 am.
Mood: stressed.
It was so funny on the bus this morning XD Roses by Outkast was on, & Matt wanted the bus driver dude (it wasn't our usual driver) to turn it up, because you could barely hear it. So, Matt & Sarah were having a loud discussion about asking him to turn it up.

XDDCollapse )

Today I had Business, Science & Maths. In Business there was 5 questions, & we had to pick 4 to do. I left out the Club Account. It was okay, I guess. In Science it was 9 questions, answer 8 & I left out the one about air. It was alright too, Business was better though. Maths was grand, I knew how to do all the questions.

Stephen was saying on the bus today to Wayne that some person in our English class got 91% & she was reading out the test to their class & saying how good the language was & stuff. I reckon it was Brendan :/ I hope I got an A too, though. I probably didn't if the highest mark is 91%.

Geography tomorrow shouldn't be too bad. I have to make sure to do a really good sketch map so I get full marks in that, because I'll lose marks on theory.
French should be okay. Sinéad said their class haven't done the camping or food chapters properly, so we won't get anything on those.
Irish will be scareh, esp. the letters. I bet the comprehension will be really difficult too ><

Mum got my holiday books today! Only one I asked for wasn't there, Carpe Jugulum. I got The Wee Free Men & The Science of Discworld by Terry Pratchett, Lord of the Flies by William Golding & Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, which I've started.
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Monday, May 31st, 2004

Time:9:12 am.
Mood: okay.
I didn't sleep very well last night >< I had a sore throat & I was a bit worried about today. In PE this morning for the most part Sarah R., Sarah Ca., Becca, Samantha & I just kicked a rugby ball around. Mrs. Lacey got us to play tag rugby (which is pretty stupid) for a little while, but we just got bored & went outside & talked. Last PE class - w00t!

Then in Maths we just revised & Ms. Kiely went around to anyone who wanted help with any sums. In Geography it was the same, just not with sums. It was raining all day today, so break wasn't much fun. Then in Science we just revised. Mr. Daly told us that there's 8 questions on the paper, & we have to answer 7 (or maybe it was 9 questions & answer 8, I can't remember). In French we did the listening comprehension part of our test. It was fairly easy. Lunch time was boring because it was still raining. Mum gave me a Ferrero Rocher, & on the little sticker on top got a tiny piece of paper, wrote "Good luck" in tiny letters & stuck it on ^^ It was really nice, & I appreciated it. My hair went really frizzy from the rain x.x

Then we had our English test. It was alright. The first question was the MoV one, & I had to write about the most dramatic scene, so that was alright. I wrote just over a page & a half. We had to do a war poem for the second question, so I did Dulce Et Decorum Est & wrote about a page. For the functional writing we got a letter. It was easy, & then the ad for Media Studies was for showers o.o

Business tomorrow. The theory is okay, the account should be grand so long as I don't make a big mistake & then not know where I went wrong. Science should be okay. Need to go over the Earth & Solar System a little. Maths will be fine.
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Sunday, May 30th, 2004

Time:5:53 am.
Which Elemental Goddess are you?

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Saturday, May 29th, 2004

Time:10:23 am.
Mood: exhausted.
So I went to Marie's house today & three of us (Becca, Marie & I) went to Kilkenny. We went to Swalk & I bought tons of Diddl stuff ^^ I got a notebook, a pencil, a ruler, a pen, a rubber & a bookmark. It was really cheap too! I got some spikey earrings in this shop called Soul & then we went to see Troy. It was really cool. It was a bit boring up until the where Achilles started fighting Hector. Hector pwns. Well, pwned. Wow, Paris was the most irritating character. A total idiot. And then when he actually says something smart, no one listens. Marie got the RotK DVD for her brother & he was all hyper about getting it. It was funny XD

We had to go to mass x.x It was SOOO boring.

Mum said I'm not allowed on the net tomorrow because I have to study. For the whole day? Er, riiiight. It's not like I have the willpower to study ALL day.
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Friday, May 28th, 2004

Time:9:24 am.
Mood: happy.
Today in business we wrote on each other's arms XDDDD It rocked. We also got Bríd to put her hair up on top of her head & she looked really stupid XD (This is the pic) She's the one on the left with the hair, & Sarah Cleere is on the right.

This is Becca's contribution Yes, that's my whole lower arm XD She drew one on Sinéad, except she wrote "Sweet" above Sinéad's (you know...in Dude, Where's My Car?" On the other side of that arm I have in yellow highlighter at the top a smiley face & "ASAP" from Sarah Cleere X'D & "Ya Shut Up OTT Wow Ya Shut Up" from Katie XD

This is my other arm (It kinda hurt trying to scan them) That blob at the bottom is Shane's fault. I was writing on Richard's arm & he was writing on mine, & only when I looked I saw this dick drawn on my arm x.x So I had to scribble it off. Then we have "Sinéad woz ere luvin ?", "Sarah R woz ere 28-5-04 <3in U Know Who" (Yes, I do >D), "Amy woz ere", "SF 4 WL good luck in the tests" (Samantha XD), "HEY BITCH MARIE WOZ ERE", "ROD woz ere tellin Jenny 2 fuck off" (Rebecca again XD), "EE wz ere" (Yeah, Eoin spelled woz wrong XD), "Hiya Jen! Sarah Ca woz ere!" (Sarah!), "BB 4 UNH" & "Hell6" (well, okay, it's Hello, but Richard wrote it so it looks like Hell6. He wrote the same on Sarah, & was going to on Sinéad until Katie Kearney snatched the pen away so it just says "Hell" XDDD)

Yeah. I wrote that out for myself more than any of you XP So we had heaps fun.
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Thursday, May 27th, 2004

Time:9:44 am.
Well, he didn't die. Which means that he's probably going to stick it out for a while yet. Phew. It was my uncle-in-law, btw. He's got multiple sclorosis & it's very seroius. He's been paralysed for as long as I can remember (he can't eat, walk or talk, but he can hear & see, which must be unbelievably frustrating).

My dad went to the hospital at around 8pm yesterday & didn't come back until half past five in the morning, & he's gone again tonight. Poor him.

We got our test schedule today. It's English first. History is on the last day again >_______________< It ALWAYS is.

Sinéad was here this evening. We got TONS of study done. It's weird, with some of my friends I know I couldn't get a bit of study done 'cos I'd be messing all the time, but Sinéad & I can talk & study at the same time. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD HILAROUS discussions.
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Wednesday, May 26th, 2004

Time:10:09 am.
Mood: distressed.
I feel worried about whether I'll be in to do my tests or not & what other school I could miss, & I feel really selfish about that. But I guess I kinda am. Selfish, that is. I could feel bad by hoping it happens tonight, but I really do hope so, for his sake. Another day or two isn't going to help or make any difference.

If I miss tests, it'll all have been a waste of time. If I were someone else reading this, I'd hate me, but I've worked so hard, just for this one year.

From what I've heard he's not expected to last the night. Dad is at the hospital now.
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Tuesday, May 25th, 2004

Time:10:32 am.
Mood: okay.
Sarah, The Slippery Slope rocks! VFQ XD

French is boring. I have to go over the letters & that's pretty much it.
Business, I have to go over the final accounts & the business documents.
History, ARGH. Don't mention it.
English, learn Dulce Et Decorum Est & Base Details notes (know the others fairly well) & learn Merchant of Venice notes.
Home Ec, mostly the consumer stuff.
Maths, I'm pretty okay in maths. Just one sum I couldn't do today, have to ask Ms. Kiely about it tomorrow.
Irish, ARGH. Got to learn Teilifís & An tÓzón, plus the interviews & letters
Science, Look over the biology chapters again & glance over the rest

We had a double business class today (we took history) because we needed to learn ledgers. Ledgers are hard. There's not enough room on our desks to fit a textbook & 3 accounts copies too ><

I really hate Ms. Bracken. She goes mental over really stupid little things. She's got it in for Eoin just because he usually has a hoodie on or something when she comes into class, even though he's good at English.

Ms. Byrne rocks. I really wish she could stay next year, but she probably won't be able to. We're watching a video about food poisoning tomorrow.

I hate Ms. McCarthy too. She's such a smug cow. Oh, & Marguerite got picked to be on the student council. WTF? She's not going to do anything of benefit. She only got on because, like, two people voted a heap of times. Everyone said it was stupid. ANYONE else who was running would have been better (I wanted Sarah Cleere to get it though).

The boys are playing some match or something tomorrow so we'll probably just get time to study (w00t!)
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Monday, May 24th, 2004

Subject:Must. Revise.
Time:9:21 am.
Mood: accomplished.
Well, Bríd got all bitchy towards Stacey (she hates Stacey even though Stacey's a much nicer person than her, funny huh?), & so Stacey said something back, & Bríd ran off crying & looking for sympathy as usual. She's such a baby. I mean, come on, if you give it, you've got to be able to take it. And she's the one who tries to pick a fight with Stacey almost every day, just Stacey ignores her most of the time. Apparently, what happened was Bríd's coke can fell & Stacey just pointed it out, so Bríd went spaz, & Stacey just said something which Bríd said was taking off the way she speaks & insulting her, so Bríd runs off crying like an idiot looking for attention. She wonders why people aren't nice to her, maybe she should think that if she were nice to people they would be back? We're not going to be friends with her if she doesn't fuck off & stop at Stacey. She even tried to tell a teacher (she picked a teacher who doesn't actually teach us all the time too, so that she wouldn't know that Stacey obviously wasn't in the wrong) that Stacey was bullying her! But Stacey talked to our class teacher first, & she knows Bríd is a spaz. >_____<

I did tons of revision! I revised all the soil chapters in Geography, the physics chapters in Science & I did some other stuff in French
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Sunday, May 23rd, 2004

Time:5:51 am.
Mood: apathetic.
Jenny has fragile contents which may break!


From Go-Quiz.com
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Saturday, May 22nd, 2004

Time:6:10 am.
Mood: hungry.
I'm still a little disappointed about my exam. It's a pity I didn't have my exam earlier, because Lucy went in before me & came out saying that she got asking something about Shakespeare which she didn't know (because no one did Shakespeare for their exam, Martha never did theory with them -_-), & Martha had to go in & talk to the examiner. She was in there for aaages. Then Lorna went in, & came out saying she got asked something about sonnets (I knew it from school, but we hadn't done it in class), so same thing happened x.x It's not their fault, Martha should have known that they need to know the Shakespeare theory. So then I had to go in, & the examiner was probably all pissed off. Oh well, I'm going to practise more next year & make sure I know the Shakespeare theory even if Martha doesn't tell us it.

Today it was sunny early on, so Victoria & I (with Tom & Mum at different times) were sitting outside. I was able to wear some of my new clothes (Reebok navy three-quarter lengths & a Diesel top with plaited straps)! I only woke up at quarter to one because I was tired. I had pancakes for breakfast ^^
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Friday, May 21st, 2004

Time:11:54 am.

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Time:10:19 am.
Mood:slightly disappointed.
I passed my exam. It was alright, I guess.

Some of the little kids were really funny XD

I kinda wish it had been another day. It sounded like school was fun today ><

I think I'm finally done with new clothes XD Mum got me a new pair of O'Neill's (too big) & two tops (one was a bit big, but mum insisted it was alright, but then I showed her a mark on it :/ & another had a pen mark on it too). So she's going to get a credit note for them & get the smaller size of O'Neill's.
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Thursday, May 20th, 2004

Time:9:50 am.
Mood: cheerful.
Geography, yawn. Sinéad & I said it to Richard about him scoring an own goal (We heard Wayne say it on the bus yesterday!) & he was in denial about it for the rest of the day XDD Maths, we had a test, which was okay. In Home Ec I started sewing my blanket together! w00t!!!! I can't wait for it to be finished.

Going over to my place after break I cut my leg off a desk (argh) >< I'd managed to not do that for so long too! Usually I just scrape them though, but this time it actually started bleeding, so I had to go over & get a plaster in the office. In English we're still doing media studies! >______< It's soooo boring.

At lunch we went out to the field. Richard Morrissey (different Richard from the one mentioned already) is hilarious XDD You can say pretty much anything to him, no matter how weird & he'll think of a funny answer.

In religion we watched The Field again. In Irish Ms. McCarthy was out (W00T) so we did hw, & then in History I wrote notes.

I really wish we could stay in 2nd year forever, with no Junior Cert to worry about X_X It's only getting fun now & we have only 2 weeks to go.

Exam tomorrow! I'm not too nervous yet, but I will get a bit nervous when I go in...
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